Saturas: $3 Million Investment for Remote Irrigation Management System

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Israel based agtech firm Saturas just secured $3 million to continue investment in its remote irrigation management system. Their miniature sensors are safely embedded into the trunks of fruit trees in order to monitor available water within the trunks. The data (stem water potential) is sent continuously to the orchard grower’s electronic device(s) enabling easier irrigation decision making. This ‘decision support system for precise irrigation’ can even integrate with existing irrigation systems.

Water saving & crop boosting

The key advantage of such a system is a reduction in water usage (and associated costs) from the decreased instances of unnecessary irrigation. What fruit tree grower hasn’t give extra water to their trees ‘just to be on the safe side’? Conversely, thirsty trees are more rapidly able to communicate their water stress in order that they can be efficiently refreshed and go on to deliver the best fruit yields.

Former investors in Saturas, Gefen Capital and Hubei Forbon Technology Co. Ltd., participated in this latest round of funding, alongside the Trendlines Agrifood Fund which is a new investor. Trendlines Agrifood Fund CEO Nitza Kardish, PhD., commented, “One of the crucial goals of food production today is to increase crop yields without increasing inputs. Saturas offers farmers an accurate water measurement system, unparalleled in the market, that contributes significantly to achieving this important target. Saving water, a scarce resource worldwide, is of paramount importance, but accurate and timely irrigation produces higher quality yields, of no less importance to the farmers. We are delighted to be part of this innovative company which is so relevant to the needs of the agrifood world today.”

Saturas CEO Anat Halgoa remarked, “We are extremely pleased to complete this investment stage despite the very uncertain times in the COVID-19 period. Following our expansion of sales and operations in the US through our California-based subsidiary, and in Europe, South America and China, this investment enables further market and sales expansion, and development of our production capabilities. We are working to complete the full funding round by the end of the year.”


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