Crate to Plate begins home delivery service of farm-to-table boxes

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Bringing sustainable, local production of leafy greens to urban communities, Crate to Plate, a London-based (Docklands) urban farming business harnessing hydroponic technology and eco-friendly innovation to grow the freshest possible ‘made in London’ produce, has begun a home delivery service.

Customers can now buy Crate to Plate’s fresh leafy greens (including lettuce, rocket, kale, herbs, and more) by visiting the company’s online shop. All the produce is harvested shortly before being delivered straight to customers’ doors, according to the company.

Boxes contain a variety of the highest quality, locally grown and freshly picked produce, all from Crate to Plate’s first urban farm in London’s Canary Wharf. There are a number of ‘farm-to-table’ boxes to choose from, filled with a selection of fresh leafy greens and herbs that varies each week according to what is ready for harvest. This ensures that customer boxes will always contain the freshest possible greens. The boxes range from £6 to £28 depending on the selection and quantity, with no delivery charge on orders of £15 or more.

Urban hydroponic vertical farming

Hydroponic vertical farming has proven to have essential advantages over traditional farming methods, allowing Crate to Plate to grow locally in urban environments. This approach uses minimal water (95% less than farming with soil), with little space required. As a result, the produce is super fresh, with consistent quality, and has the highest possible nutrient value – always completely free of pesticides and toxic chemicals, and with zero carbon footprint in transporting from farm to customer, according to the company.

Crate to Plate says it is bringing this beneficial technology and ethos to new urban markets, contributing to a more sustainable future with higher food security. “At the moment we are only able to deliver in Zones 1 – 3 in London, but in the next six months we will be setting up new farms in other parts of London and the UK,” said a company spokesperson. Crate to Plate is also able to deliver to restaurants and offices across the city.

The company was founded by former banker and descendent of the supermarket dynasty, Sebastien Sainsbury.

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