Naturo’s Haelen technology can keep chilled milk fresh for 60 days

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Australian food technology company Naturo claims it has developed the world’s first technology that can keep milk fresh for 60 days. Based in Coolum in Queensland, Naturo says its new technology is a ‘world first’ and the ‘biggest breakthrough in the global dairy industry since pasteurisation in 1864.’

Already approved by Australian regulatory food safety authority, Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV), the new technology is noted ‘as an alternate treatment to pasteurisation for raw milk’ and has been independently tested and validated by a leading Australian scientific organisation.

Naturo says its patented processing Haelen technology delivers milk that is 100 percent natural with no additives or preservatives, is nutritionally superior, retains its natural colour and taste, and has a minimum 60 day refrigerated shelf life when compared to other forms of processed cow milk, such as pasteurised and UHT.

The patented Haelen method doesn’t rely on heat to process the milk. This gentle method kills more pathogens than pasteurisation. Haelen is the only known method that kills the unwanted Bacillus cereus, a common pathogen in milk. Bacillus cereus is a common but unwanted spore forming bacterium in milk that produces toxins causing vomiting or diarrhoea.

Jeff Hastings, founder of Naturo is finalising validation work with the state regulator to make sure the milk is safe for human consumption. He has previously developed processing technology for sliced apples for the international market and more recently commercialised 100 percent natural avocado processing technology that produces ‘no-browning’ cut avocado.

Hastings said: “That process will be completed around end of February and after that we‘ll be in the market to our own business partners around Queensland with commercial milk.” Naturo recently received an Australian federal government grant of $1 million which it will use to complete work at a pilot plant in Queensland, where the first batches of milk will be created.

How does Haelen technology work?

Pasteurisation heats milk to a minimum of 72°C for at least 15 seconds to make it safe whereas we are able to kill pathogens without relying on heat. Another issue with pasteurised milk is that while heating makes it safer, it destroys some of the goodness in the milk, specifically it kills all alkaline phosphatase activity, an essential enzyme for liver function and bone development, and reduces the Vitamin B2 and B12 levels. These are particularly essential vitamins for children. added Hastings.

He continued: “Our patented process is the only known method that kills Bacillus cereus, a common but unwanted spore forming bacterium in milk that produces toxins causing vomiting or diarrhoea. Our process makes our milk really safe. Put simply, our technology kills more of the bugs and has a significantly superior shelf life. In fact, in our most recent independent scientific testing, the milk remained fresh and fit for human consumption at the conclusion of a 91-day testing period when compared to only 14 days for standard fresh pasteurised milk.”

Our milk can be shipped to all parts of the world that have limited or no access to fresh milk. There is also massive potential for the development of a wide range of dairy products and use by industries where unpasteurised milk is desired, such as cheese making,” Hastings concluded.

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