Moleaer adds 24/7 remote connectivity to its nanobubble generators

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Moleaer’s nanobubble technology is being used in all sorts of settings to reduce the growth of pathogenic micro-organisms and algae blooms in water, whilst cutting the use of algaecides and chemicals. Nanobubbles can help improve water quality in farm irrigation systems, dirty water treatment tanks, fish farms and natural water sources like reservoirs. Now in collaboration with AMI Global, an industrial IoT technology provider, Moleaer is launching new real-time water quality and equipment remote monitoring services.

Initially AMI’s Internet of Things (IoT) technology will be applied to the ‘Clear’, Moleaer’s lake and pond water treatment system, allowing end-users to monitor equipment performance, power, and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water 24/7. Data will be accessible online and via mobile devices, with automatic text and email alerts available to stop units remotely

Moleaer’s ‘Clear’ water treatment system is now available with remote monitoring [Image source]

How do nanobubbles clean water?

Moleaer’s nanobubble generators work by injecting trillions of oxygen-rich nanobubbles into the water, each of them 2,500 times smaller than a single grain of table salt. This increases the dissolved oxygen (DO) levels at the surface and sediment, irrespective of water depth. The bubbles remain suspended in water for months. Sustaining dissolved oxygen (DO) levels throughout the water column helps mitigate algae growth by reducing the nutrient recycling rate from the sediment. The tiny bubbles also provide a scouring effect.

Case studies demonstrated at Agriculture Xchange last week, by CEO of Moleaer Nicholas Dyner, showed reservoirs eliminating the use of hydrogen peroxide treatments. They also showed nanobubble technology in farm irrigation systems increasing crop yields (by 18% in blueberries) and fruit weights (by 8-10% in tomatoes). This new always-on IoT data service will surely add further improvements to those numbers.

With our technology, we’re enabling communities, farmers, and recreational facilities to restore the aquatic health and ecosystems, providing a chemical-free solution that eliminates harmful pathogens and contaminates.” said Dyner, adding “Our latest digital solution, enabled by AMI Global, allows for improved real-time monitoring that provides precise data on the health of the water body and equipment performance,”

Protecting and preserving water, one of our most precious natural resources, is critical,” said David Drake, Founder of AMI Global.We’re proud to partner with Moleaer, providing the essential IoT tools needed to collect real-time data on aquatic systems.

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