Neogen & Gencove partnering on animal genomics solutions

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For the modern livestock farmer, genetic testing of animals and herds is an important part of the animal breeding process. Tests that predict genomic breeding values for traits such as wool (in sheep), or carcase weight (in cows), growth and reproductive performance as well as inherited parentage lines, all help farmers to make herd breeding decisions. Such choices can improve the quality and quantity of meat sold at market and ultimately a farmer’s profit margins.

Neogen Corporation lab

Neogen Corporation lab

With genomic laboratories in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil, and Australia, Neogen Corporation (NASDAQ: NEOG) primarily serves the beef and dairy cattle, pig, sheep, poultry and companion animal markets with its genomics services. Today the company announced a new partnership with genetic testing company Gencove.

Low-pass whole genome sequencing benefits

Gencove’s flagship product is its low-pass whole genome sequencing platform, a technology that has the potential to more accurately assess the genetic potential of an animal much earlier in its life. Sequencing technology has the potential to provide more data, and more powerful discovery capabilities, than existing technology. This partnership will help to further develop Neogen’s next generation of animal genomic tests.

The adoption of low-pass skim sequencing will be a great addition alongside our existing GeneSeek Genomic Profiler genotyping arrays, and ideally positions us and our customers for the future by leveraging this innovation,” said Dr. Stewart Bauck, Neogen’s vice president of agrigenomics. “Through this partnership, Neogen can begin to more fully explore bioinformatics that profile the full genome.

Neogen’s existing animal genomics technologies, GeneSeek and Igenity, already provide services to leading agricultural genetics providers, large cattle associations, companion animal breed registries, university researchers, and numerous commercial beef and dairy cattle, swine and poultry producers. As the global leader in animal genomics, Neogen will combine its world-wide presence, high throughput and focus on quality with this expanded product offering through the partnership with Gencove.

Gencove offers both low pass sequencing and analytics software as a service, with sequencing as its flagship product. Trusted by researchers at leading genomics companies like BGI and leading academic institutions like the Broad Institute and the Weizmann Institute, Gencove provides these applications within the genomic fields of human, companion animal and agriculture.

Our organization is dedicated to making genomic data more accessible and interpretable,” said Joe Pickrell, Gencove’s CEO and co-founder. “Partnering with Neogen, the largest genomic solutions service provider in agriculture worldwide, will give both our organizations the opportunity to advance the agricultural genomics industry by leading in the implementation of new technologies.”

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