Bionicook’s big fast food plans for KUKA’s small robot

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Brazilian Entrepreneur Fabio Rezler has a dream to get the American market interested in what is ‘probably’ the world’s first fast food robot machine. America is notorious for its love of fast food after all and this autonomous fast-food counter, developed by Brazil’s Bionicook and Auttom, has seen a “1000 percent fantastic customer reaction!” as Rezler told us.

We developed a very easy and clean platform for ordering and experience.  The reaction from customers from age nine to seventy nine was really above our expectations!”

KUKA’s KR 3 Agilus Small Robot

A key component within the Bionicook fast food kiosk is the KR 3 Agilus, a highly compact small robot created by German company KUKA AG and first announced to the world in 2016.

Weighing a little over sixty pounds and standing a little over two feet tall, the robot can be ceiling, wall or floor mounted, lift a payload of 2-3kgs and has a reach of up to 541mm.  In 2019 it was unveiled at the Mind7 Startup trade fair in Brazil as a core component in Bionicook’s first ‘fast food robot’ demonstration.

Inside a Bionicook kiosk the KUKA robot is programmed to serve (and cook where applicable) fourteen snacks, two desserts, three salads and fifteen beverages. More specially, as Rezler told us,”The equipment prepares a fried portion we call ‘Pastels’ in Brazil. Also we serve chicken fingers, french fries, nuggets, and other fried delicacies.” That’s among the robot’s pies, fruit and vegetable salads, and drinks that include Coca-Cola and bottled water.

The equipment prepares a fried portion we call 'Pastels' in Brazil

“The equipment prepares a fried portion we call ‘Pastels’ in Brazil”

Video clips show the robot spinning around shelves inside a Bionicook self-service kiosk, reaching for certain frozen, packaged food items, and frying and preparing these according to the customer’s programmed specifications. When ready it slips the packaged dish through the kiosk drawer to the waiting customer. After ordering on the keypad a customer can expect the whole process to take around three minutes, with up to 100 orders available per hour.

Bionicook is ready – partners wanted

This business took five years of planning and tests that were completed last year” Rezler told us. “We have two units working now. At the end of 2019, we made a deal with a financial fund to produce 50 units during 2020 and 400 units by 2024.  We also want our business to expand to every country in the world, and that’s currently our main goal.”

If you’re afraid that the robot will displace jobs in the hospitality sector, Rezler assured us that “Our fast food uses robots only for the final process. It’s people who do most of the work like cleaning, maintenance, refilling, and of course the food industry.” adding “I love that humans evolve through technological invention, but as entrepreneurs we must always remember that this evolution is only made possible by the skill and ingenuity of people, we should never forget to respect this.

Rezler wants to crack the American market. So, if you’d like a fast food robot to serve your customers inside three minutes he is “looking for partners in the United States to start our fast food business in that fantastic country.“.  Bionicook can be found at

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