Bayer partners with Prospera to develop precision digital tool for vegetable greenhouses

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Global agtech giant Bayer has entered into a strategic partnership with Prospera Technologies Inc, an Israeli AI data analytics company specialising in machine learning, to create a digital farming tool that will be initially rolled out for use in Mexican vegetable greenhouses later this month.

With a strong focus on agriculture, Tel Aviv-based Prospera offers a transformative, digital farming system to vegetable greenhouse growers worldwide that generates insights and optimizes the growing process. Its machine learning and computer vision technologies continuously monitor and analyse plant development, health and stress, as well as capturing multiple layers of climate and visual data to provide actionable, easy-to-read insights to growers via mobile and web dashboards.

The collaboration brings together the strengths of Prospera’s data and AI capabilities with Bayer’s expertise in vegetable production, crop protection, and digital transformation, to provide an all-in-one, cloud-based service that will help transform grower operations and enable greater access to high-quality fruits and vegetables.

At Bayer, we believe in the power of collaboration to bring more innovative, digital solutions to life,” said Chris Moore, head of digital transformation for Bayer’s Vegetable Seeds business. “Our partnership with Prospera is our first step into solutions beyond the seed for the vegetable greenhouse market. We look forward to innovating with customers to find new ways of solving the problems that growers face every day.

Precision greenhouse irrigation and increased yields

The joint solution will enable vegetable greenhouse growers to make more timely and insightful decisions that help optimize both the profitability and sustainability of their crops and operations. For example, using Prospera’s data visualization and analysis platform, pepper growers will be able to apply precise quantities of water to specific locations in the greenhouse, enabling more efficient use of natural resources and yielding more sustainably grown produce.

The initial roll out and in-field exploration of the offering will begin in July 2020 in Mexico, an important market for disruptive innovation and global vegetable production. Bayer and Prospera will collaborate with several key customers in the region to continuously adjust and enhance the digitized farming system, with the intent to expand globally in coming years based on growers’ needs and changing consumer demand.

We are very excited to partner with Bayer, the world leading provider of vegetable seeds and crop protection solutions. We believe this collaboration can unleash tremendous value for vegetable greenhouse growers,” said Daniel Koppel, CEO and co-founder of Prospera Technologies. “Our advanced AI algorithms and data tools combined with Bayer’s complimentary knowledge and data sets have the potential to change the way vegetables are grown and help feed the world sustainably with fresh, nutritious food.”

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