Fendt Ideal 10 – a combine without a steering wheel

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WITH a 790hp engine providing the power the new Fendt Ideal 10 combine is already on the ground under test with impressive results according to the manufacturer.

First unveiled at Agritechnica 2019, the Fendt Ideal 10 is equipped with the IDEALdrive steering system eliminating the need for the conventional steering wheel control.

The engine, a new Man 16.2-litre unit, meets European emissions standard stage V and provides 143hp more than the second largest model, the Ideal 9. The new combine also has a new cleaning system, with 15% more cleaning capacity, and a larger version of the familiar Dual Helix separator.

With the Cyclone Cleaning System, the grain drops down to the top sieve through two curved double-drop steps. Thanks to the curved shape, the laws of physics see the heavy grains gather in the lower section while the lighter parts accumulate above.

The curved steps provide a wider air outlet, which can significantly increase the air volume and make the cleaning process even more efficient. With two drop levels, most of the short straw and chaff is separated on the first level. The remaining non-grain components are separated on the second.

With cleaning happening over four sections on the Fendt Ideal 10T, Ideal balance has been optimised to suit. Two return floors ensure even distribution and coverage across the preparation floor.

The Rotor Dual Helix, already known from the Fendt Ideal 8 and 9, comes in a bigger size for the Fendt Ideal 10. Two additional separator concaves add 12% to the concave surface area of the Fendt Ideal 10T. With a separation area of 4.54m2, the combine harvester boasts an even higher separation capacity for even greater throughput.

No steering wheel

It’s hard to imagine a combine without a steering wheel but the new IDEALdrive steering system replaces the steering column altogether. The machine is controlled proportionally to the movement of a joystick located on the left armrest. The functions of the joystick on the right armrest are the same as before.

The left hand steers while the right hand controls the speed. This new machine control system means the driver has a perfect view to the front, and a direct view of both the cutting unit and the feeder of the inclined main crop elevator. The unique system complies with all European vehicle and traffic regulations.

The joystick control IDEALdrive will be rolled out for the 2021 model year and can be fitted as an option for all tracked machines of the Ideal series 7-10.

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