High Impact Digital Brand Profiling Packages

We don’t believe in selling one banner here or another one there, filling our pages with multiple flashing boxes, your message is often lost in the noise. It doesn’t work for you and it doesn’t work for readers.

Instead we have a single promotional bundle available to advertisers – it’s more like an on-site ‘takeover’ which screams your message. No other advertisers appear on the site for the duration of your campaign.

Our brand profiling package includes:

  1. ‘Promoted’ coverage of your food or farming technology product or service within our editorial channels, to include images and related embedded videos from your YouTube or Vimeo channels.
  2. Highly targeted, paid-for promoted campaigns on Twitter and Linked-In to drive up readership of your editorial content (which we fund and manage to boost exposure beyond our own organic follower reach).
  3. On brand, clickable wallpaper advertising (in the background/sides of the site – desktop screens only).
  4. In-content banners displayed within editorial body across the entire website – all articles, all device types (inc mobiles), typically a 300x250px MPU or 300×300 1:1 ad.

In essence, each and every visitor will see your branding via whichever device they are using. Click-throughs will be elevated from wallpapers and in-content ad positioning. Your editorial contribution will be liked and shared repeatedly across social media.

Get in touch

If you would like to discuss options for a brand profiling package please email our publisher Matt Peskett at