About This Site

In a world with an ever increasing human population our demand for food is only going to increase. This places many pressures on existing agricultural and logistical resources as well as the natural world (of which we are an important part). Food and agricultural industries often get a rough ride; pesticides have been linked to declining bee populations; deforestation and habitat loss are connected to both climate change and ecological collapse; plastic packaging is polluting our rivers and oceans. But it’s not ALL bad news.

There are many farmers and food technologists working with nature to do the right thing, there are thousands of scientists and entrepreneurs inventing technological solutions that can help meet the many challenges of feeding humanity across the coming decades. Twenty years from now we could very well all be eating synthetic meats or algae based products, dusted with locust powder and delivered by drones, flown to our homes in fully sustainable packaging. At the same time the natural world could be recovering or maybe even thriving thanks to mankind’s ingenuity,

This website, FoodandFarmingTechnology.com, exists to present the technological breakthroughs in the growth, harvest, transportation, manufacture and retail of our food. We present daily sustainable solutions to our global audience of readers ranging from farmers and academics to key decision makers in the areas of farming, food production, machinery, software, electronics, engineering and financial services.

I very much hope that you find our content a regular source of interest and inspiration.

Matt Peskett
Publisher & Editor
Food and Farming Technology